Quiz 31.5A

Quiz 31.5A: Content analysis to locate assistive technology in Queensland’s motor injury insurance rehabilitation legislation and guidelines

ABSTRACT: Reforms to Australia’s disability and rehabilitation sectors have espoused the potential of assistive technology as an enabler. As new insurance systems are being developed it is timely to examine the structure of existing systems. This exploratory study examined the policies guiding assistive technology provision in the motor accident insurance sector of one Australian state. Methods: Policy documents were analyzed iteratively with a set of qualitative questions to understand the intent and interpretation of policies guiding assistive technology provision. Content analysis identified relevant sections and meaningful terminology, and context analysis explored the dominant perspectives informing policy. Results and discussion: The concepts and language of assistive technology are not part of the policy frameworks guiding rehabilitation practice in Queensland’s motor accident insurance sector. The definition of rehabilitation in the legislation is consistent with contemporary international interpretations that focus on optimizing functioning in interaction with the environment. However, the supporting documents are focused on recovery from injuries where decisions are guided by clinical need and affordability. Conclusion: The policies frame rehabilitation in a medical model that separates assistive technology provision from the rehabilitation plan. The legislative framework provides opportunities to develop and improve assistive technology provision as part of an integrated approach to rehabilitation.

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